Water affects us all. We need it to survive and yet most of us don’t know where it comes from, how it’s used, or how it’s managed. But these questions are critical to address for the sustainability of business, communities, and life, and they are what the 2015 Nebraska Conservation Summit will explore. Attendees at this event will be policymakers, business leaders, young people, farmers, ranchers, moms, dads, and grandparents. Our goal is to provide this audience with an event that informs and inspires. We would love for you to be part of it.

The Summit will begin at 1 PM with panel discussions featuring some of Nebraska’s leading experts on water issues affecting our state, and we are lucky to have Dr. Peter Gleick joining us as the Summit’s keynote presenter. Dr. Gleick is renowned the world over as a leading expert, innovator, and communicator on water and climate issues. Co-founder and leader of the Pacific Institute based in Oakland, California, Dr. Gleick’s work has redefined water from the realm of engineers to the world of social justice, sustainability, human rights, and integrated thinking. A cocktail hour and networking opportunities have been incorporated into the event, and we are excited for the discussions that will ensue throughout the day as we gather many of the best minds working on water issues into one room.

The Nebraska Conservation Summit is a yearly event which serves to educate the public about important conservation issues facing Nebraska. Last year, we hosted former Governor of Colorado Bill Ritter as the keynote presenter. Our theme last year was how clean energy benefits the economy, and we had over 200 attendees. The 2014 Summit also saw the involvement of 28 policymakers, who joined us for a private policy discussion about opportunities for clean energy in Nebraska.

Based in Lincoln, but serving a statewide membership, the Nebraska League of Conservation Voters and the Nebraska Conservation Education Fund work to defend and strengthen the laws that safeguard the wellness of our communities and the beauty of our great state. We envision an engaged citizenry and a sustainable Nebraska. We enjoy strong community and regional partnerships that allow us to achieve this vision, and we would love to have you join us at the 2015 Nebraska Conservation Summit to talk about water: the lifeblood of our economy and a necessity for us all.


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