Since 2004, Bob Swanson has been Director of the USGS Nebraska Water Science Center (NEWSC).  He oversees a science program that is managed through 3 sections, Hydrologic Surveillance, Hydrologic investigations, and Central Nebraska NAWQA.  The NEWSC operates over 100 streamgaging stations, about 70 continuous groundwater recorders, and compiles ground-water levels for over 5,000 wells in Nebraska.  The NEWSC has program strength in groundwater modeling, geophysical and geohydrologic investigations, real-time water-quality monitoring, river science studies, and water-quality investigations. Bob served as the Coordinator of the USGS Platte River Priority Ecosystem Study.

Prior to 2004, he gained a wide range of experience in the Data Section as a hydrologic technician and hydrologist in the Lincoln, Cambridge, Ord, and North Platte Field Offices. He served as field hydrologist for the National Water Quality Assessment program’s Central Nebraska River (CNBR) Basins Study Unit research team and later as CNBR Study Unit Chief.  From 1999 to 2004, Bob was assigned to the USGS Wyoming Water Science Center as the Chief of Hydrologic Surveillance.  He has served on numerous committees for the advancement of science and technology in the USGS, as well as business practice committees.